Hey I'm back to sro and phbot

hey I havent used phbot for like 4-5 years
I see lots of changes with the site and bot
I have paid for 1 month bot + 2 weeks crap trap server
so I wanna know how to use the crap trap server is there something I need to add to my old phbot folder?
2nd question what’s the best free phbot manager now ? is phlogin sro still working and does it arrange the chars on login and limit logins to 2?
thanks a lot

  1. On the Silkroad Login tab select “Server” for X-Trap instead of Local.
  2. I’m only aware of the one I wrote. If there are others they aren’t on the forum anymore because I did not move any threads over. Manager Release
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thanks a lot man
I used the installer and it downloaded the manager for me
it’s amazing and I’m almost done with its settings and working on chars configs now
1 question , r u weeman and this is a new name ? or you’re a different person cause when I was using phbot weeman was the admin

Just a name change.

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