Help with scripts

i`ve tryed to google some scripts for Phbot… and i found what i think everybody finds when they google

a link from github with ALOT of scripts … but unfortunatelly all the scripts there have a model like this


This is actually copy pasted from a Alexandria North- 101 mobs

So as far as i know … the scripts usually have X and Y … but i see other 3 numbers there

any ideea on how to translate them ?

and also … the coordonates doesn`t seem to fit ,… cuz in Alexandria usually you have X made up of 5 digits… like 16000 or 17000 but i see none of them here

Thank you

Those scripts should still work. The extra values at the beginning are for the region which is no longer needed.

By the way, you should be able to hit “get position” and not need a script anymore.

And get position … actually gives me the walking path between the town that ive selected as return..and till the traning spot ? :) something similar to sbot? ( sorry for puting the competition here ..but i actually want to know if its the same thing)

Path finding = auto walk. So, yes. I improved it a lot recently and caves are coming soon: Path Finding Update

wow …that`s great … THANK YOU :smiley: saved us from alot of work

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About that, can auto walk calculate the path from x location to y location without any towns? Is this such possible think to implement?

Sure, that’s how the job cave works. It’s town based because scripts are saved on the server so they only need to be calculated once - even though it’s really fast now. A common starting point makes it so there are less text files being stored.

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