Help to setup chars:(

i have a problem with the settings
I have an 8/8 party
1 cleric; 1 warrior; 1 bard; 3 wizz; 1 nuker; 1 bow

  • bow attacks very slowly, between two skills uses a simple attack
  • if there are one or more moobs in the middle, some of them look for other mobs in the radius periphery

I will also mention the following problems, I want to solve this first

  • I also want to know if I can put two conditions to change the profile (ex: if Char 1 and Char 2 is out of range to change profile)
  • I want one of the wizz to become a cleric if a the primar cleric is out of range, or disconnect

@Ryan help me please


bow attacks very slowly, between two skills uses a simple attack
check for blocking skills example if cleric gives phy deff and bow try to cast a phy def skill to it will block the char and will be slow also you can check for dubble atk skills in ur list and add some if there are to less skills (all skill are on cooldown)

hellou i was just check the bow again, i was remuve all the buff, and left just whit atack skill, is have set 4 atack skill, but it does the same thing
thx @Chefkoch that you showed me an example

some of the character prefers distant mobs. for EX: if is a GP in the centre, nuker prefer to finde onother moob to atack. what can i do whit this?

@Chefkoch i have just try to mack a condition like yours, I don’t know how to do it. explain me please

then = player not in trai… = cleric | press (Add)

IF :
hold down CTRL then select :
1.stop bot
4start bot

klick build

type in player name
set ur profile
set wait time

and add the same condition with if player in range … wizz profile

thx very much @Chefkoch for detailed explanations
can i mack this whit a wizz, if is cleric and warrior out of the range, to don’t use life control?

just take LC out of the buff list complitly and make condition if player in trai… area then recast LC