[Help] Skip town script entirly

Hello all,

I know there is an option to skip town script entirly. In the phbot menu but i would like to skip the town script only for 1 of my 2 scripts. The reason for this is that i have a normal script and a script that gets the genie lamp but if feels kind of stupid that my bot would do town script entirly just to get the genie lamp quest after it i reactive the normal fight script and the bot does town script again ofcourse.

My genie lamp script is goes like this: alxendria go hotan accept quest and deliver quest and return scroll. but now it does full town script for it.

Is there a way i can skip town script entirely in the script editor?
Also any other advice on how to maybe automate the genie lamp script? (the plan now is to change the script everyday manually)

Thank you in advance!

maybe you can use second profile. and you can change profile through conditions

i added the lamp script to the start ot the fight script.
after town script he get the quest/reward and gose to fight spot.

or add the lamp quest to the town script