Help - Quest with different monsters

Good night. I searched the forum and did not find it, tried to make a condition to do this quest or other of the genre, quests that can repeat and could not. What condition do I make to work? Or do you have an option for this?
He kills the monsters and then goes somewhere else to kill others.



Search for “auto quest”. Requires testing release otherwise you need scripts if you use stable.

Okay, although I have tried, I will check again. Thank you.

Although he quit the second quest, he does not switch places to finish the quest. What do I do?
The script will not help, because how do I make 2 scripts for the same quest?

Can you show me your conditions?

That’s what I said in the post, I created the condition of Quest Completed and it was not, I created another condition of Count Monster he even changed the area, but did not deliver the quest.

How do you do in this case?

This should work:


  1. Botting
  2. In training area
  3. Quest completed (select quest)


  1. Change training area (select area)
  2. Return to town


The quest in question, I get those Outposts, the bot can deliver on them?

Depends if they are close to your training area or not. I’m not sure if those conditions will work if the quest is not in town.