Help please. There was an error parsing your character data

what is the problem. after the latest update. my other parties have the same problem in the bard char.

Update your bot.

this happened after I updated the bot.

then I went back to the old version again the same problem

update to the newest version. maybe you have to get the configs out of the backup folder and use them. In my case my config files were corrupted. Worked fine after going back a week or so before the updates. (you gotta rename the backuped and delete the ‘newer’ ones). And of course relog after that.

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restructuring annoying Ağla:

sure it is a bit of work to do, but it solved the problem for all of my chars. (I also deleted the ‘iSRO.db3’ in the Data folder and let the the bot recreate it. But I don’t think that matters, it didn’t fix it for me but was the first thing i tried).

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edit wrong ^^

joskki Thank you for your help

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