Help Please Legion sro ( LSRO) Private Server Doesn't Work

Hello everyone, I just buy it to try but i have problem with bot.

When i select train area and wanted to start, char just gives buff him selfs and others and then stops, doin nothing. what is the problem i dont have any idea i tried many ways watched videos and try auto config also etc.

Are there any parsing errors? Could be the wrong server type so it’s not detecting any monsters.

i can see monsters on minimap there is no error if you want to check gimme appointment gmt +3 Istanbul @Ryan

i found someone, he said was using phbot but also he said he quit, maybe im doing something wrong could you check when ure free please.

Did you turn on “don’t attack monsters” by accident?

okay i just open bot and it worked without any config like every config was deleted then i only add training area and attack skills then i started and it worked i hope it wont be a problem again :frowning: :slight_smile: have a good day !

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@Ryan i dont want to start new topic, i have an issue with cleric skills, i cant see mental, force, body and soul deity buffs in part buff window what do you suggest or anyone who knows the problem. Thanks !

Put the player name under the one that most closely matches it.

@Ryan mate :confused: actually skills not shows up in party buff window that is my problem im warrior / cleric all warrior skills are fine with that but cleric skills idk maybe i missin sth

could you check the program please cuz i dont see thoose buffs on my 3 acc too. 2 of them cleric. cuz if i missing sth i need to learn how to do :angel:

Not sure what you mean. It always lists the same thing for party buff no matter the server or what skills you have.

so you can see them?

Put the player under the most similar party buff. It will use the highest level skill available.

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okey i’ll try thanks ! don’t get angry to me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

oh yes yes yes yes yes yes you’re the best i wish the best for you

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