Help Please about IP, and some things

Hello guys, i play in Silkroad latino, private server, i would like to know how can i use the bot with many ips, because at all i can just log with 8, another question is how exactly the manager works, i never understood after at all i just have my bots in different folders and i open one by one, thats all.
Hey by the way there is someone who knows or has some tutorial about Warlock 125+ Im new with it, and is better a Eu PT 3 Wizz/1 Warlock/1 Warrior/ 2 bards/ 1 Cleric? cuz i have one and they often died at some lvls up. Thank you so much and sorry for the many questions im backing at sro after many years.

Are you talking about the bind IP option? The only way would be to use multiple folders. SOCKS proxies work differently and can be added to the Manager and set to specific characters.

Well the point is that i dont know how to use it, i would like to know exactly how because that server just allowed me 8 chars at one time, and there, in the option you talk about it i dont understand how can i make it, besides i dont know neither how to work with the Bot manager.

i will be glad if you send me some link or guide, i already did read all the guide on the website about the bot but still i dont know how to use neither ip option neither Manager bot, thank you for your quickly answer

I almost forgot it, when i open my bots always i have to tick the option of Start bot on login and Relog in disconnect, is that normal? I have each bot in different folders

If you want to bypass IP limits then you need several SOCKS proxies. I do not have a reputable seller that I can give you.

Those options do not save because the bot is meant to be run from a single folder.

But at least can you tell me how and where can i buy it cuz i dont have any idea about it, and about the manager there is some tutorial? thank you.

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