Help me!

i start all by manager but after few times cant connect

Thank you very much.
Can I run 5 accounts?

u can run even more

just read the thread carefully so u dont get 6hour ip block
(isro based atleast)…

it’s great, it helps me make the academy useful

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it still errors, is there any way to fix them?

there is 9999 errors that can appear …
better give more details & screenshots

I reinstalled windows and did exactly as instructed

Which server?

sv Vsro

it works fine 2 times, then error

did you limit login try’s…?

Uploading: 1.png…

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if the server ur at give login limit
then u got 6h ip block…

which server? isro servers?

also … is it more than 2accounts?

Servers vsro
More than 2accounts

sry didnt pay full attention
to the "server didnt appear

so same Question:

web: of vSro

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