Help me with manager - start phbot

Please help me how to set the “manager” to run phbot after 1x maximum 2x phbot … Otherwise I always have a problem connecting to the server.
Please help me.

Set it up to only start one account at a time.

Thx you bro!!

AND BRO HELP me again.
when i have wizz/cleric and i need make cleric buffs or res. where i setting secondary weapon? (wizzard and cleric rod? :)) thx

And… I need return and dc every 180 mins or 240 mins? when i need everytime exp for my chars

add buffs for both weapons here:

but it wont switch … unless you set up weapons…
go to here…
& select each weapon
set one as “prime” << main/attack weapon
& the other as “secondary”(make sure to set 2nd weapon to not be sold/stored … my bot keeps storing it … so i had to go to PickFilter & search weapon by name & set it to “NO sell/store”)

& the ress from here:

& do what this says:

i hope it blooms on ya after all this…

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Ohhh Thx bro for all.

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