Help me please (auto pt/auto save)

Hello guys
Im new to PHbot, I’ve used Sbot only till now but its crashing all the time if i log in 8 chars, 2 will crash idk why so phbot

Im little bit to stupid to make auto pt
Is there a tutorial for that? Xddd
I have added with one char auto pt list and with others accept auto pt but they even dont invite to party

other problem:
does the phbot automatically save config? i start with manager

Make sure “Invite other players to the party” is enabled. Here’s the guide the tells you what each option does:

Yes, the bot auto saves the config. It’s loaded after you get in game.

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thank you, one last question. i have now tried a lot of ways but i dont find a solution
my first idea was botting on a windows rdp with graphic card but i wanted to bot anyways clientless so it doesnt really matter. my silkroad is crashing still anytime and idk why.

i have now tried 4 chars on rdp 4 chars on computer but both are crashing after some hours. is there any solution? thanks in advance

That should work fine. I can’t help with client crashing since it’s usually a game bug that cannot be fixed.

hey i have Probrom [[07:46:36]] There was a problem parsing the spawn packet, please upload Log\Error.txt to
and Dont see My skills In Bot

@besho23 Please create a new thread instead of taking this one over.