Help guys im have lags

Hi im have problem, im buy New laptop and have RTX 2060, i7, 16gb , and have lags im dont know what happen, im have speed internet 120mb/s any have sugestion? When im have Old laptop dont have that problem.

you should do nvidia settings for silkroad on nvidia task manager

Im setting and not working. Meaby you know how must setting? im have that lags problem. Need help

maybe alot of adware?
i hope u installed windows ur self

Im have Windows 10 im get it when im buy PC, dont have adware

You should try enabling V-Sync. I think you have too much FPS that makes graphical problems.

Also iSRO on Windows10 = Pain in the butt.

I would say try Win 8.1 but it does not have support for new hardware. So you are going to do some fixes.

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Turn off the Silkroad game sound i has rtx2080ti and i got laggs every 10 seconds. It helped me!N%C3%A9vtelen

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Nice language man!

im on win10pro64x & its smooth…

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Build 1909?

this is my PC

try download driver booster, update required program and drivers