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Help My 2 account is proxy 2 My account is entering with my own ip address The account I entered with proxy gives error like this

Something is wrong with your proxy.

At the moment 1 Gateway don´t work in iSRO.
change the gatway or wait

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proxy is the not problem

I tried many times

The Problem is´t the bot or any proxy. It´s a Problem from Joymax and their gateways

I understand, do you have any solution suggestions? my account connected with other proxy is in the game

Choose the other gateway.

4 accounts cannot be opened with the same gateway

And one of them is down because Joymax. So do nothing or login 2 at a time :wink:


I have this error too till long time. Cant fix it and its not about proxy. Bot or sro idk. I got this error before 2 months or more

what is problem?

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