help disconnects me when I enter the server

hello, I have a problem every time I start the bot after 5 min is disconnected and I need to relog a solution I can not play silkroad online because it gives me dc from now thank you very much

Are you disconnecting instantly as if CrapTrap is not working or is it several minutes later? I believe the Kali server has been broken for a week because I disconnect constantly there. I don’t think this is the bot and it’s the server freeing up a slot for a VIP player.

after a few minutes later, try to log in without the bot and the same thing happens to me, so I rule out bot’s problem, thank you very much for the answer, it must be the server’s problem

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Pay up and get VIP :stuck_out_tongue: . Sadly that’s the only solution I know of.

Sincerely, you’re absolutely right, I’ll have to use that solution, thank you very much

I think that you are trying to play in Kali which is new server. In Kali this is very common problem. I never saw more then 10 minutes in game non vip acc.

It was fine in the beginning. Never had a problem botting overnight.

You had free bronze vip in first week ^^ Jc planet shows something to buy bigger :slight_smile:

Are you sure? I used a really old account from another server.

Actually you might be right. I didn’t created new accounts for this server but I was playing without dc as you told above.

I use phbot in psro .it works 100% …But when I use it on VM I get clientless then I get DC…

There’s probably VM detection on the server you are playing.