Help about vps on phbot

i want to buy vps and open phbot on it
any one help .e to do that

run this on you ubuntu vps. You also need to copy your up to date silkroad folder to the server (maybe using mega upload or something, could also use p2p services if experienced). Take care that some VPS hoster have load limits, so watch out not to buy a too small speced one. This depends on how many Bots you’re planing to open.

ps.: I highly recommend to disable updates in the manager and do them manually, if you’re planing to run bots 24/7 to avoid issues.

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can u help me and i open team viwer and make it to me

sorry, not only because I don’t want nothing to do with your personal data. Furthermore you should understand yourself what is happening and how it works. It will make it easier for you in the future + to mantain your VPS. I wish you all the best!

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