Hello Ryan. :)

We need phbot x,y,z system.Just like sbot. Can you, if possible?

It already does that…

But not going to the slot without script. Since there is no Z coordinate, we have to draw scripts. We need z coordinate. The current system has x and y.

Yes it does. Do you really think adding a Z coordinate is how path finding works?

There is z coordinate in sbot. And without the script it goes off. :slight_smile:

That’s totally pointless except for caves. You can already do that in phBot if no script is set.

If there is a z coordinate as in sbot, char is not inserted. I’m writing the Coordinat at Sbot and going there, unfortunately phbot doesn’t work that way.

For example, there is a problem of hanging mirror. We draw an obligatory script.

I wish z coordinate system though as in sbot. In this way, phbotta do not hang.

Clearly I cannot make you understand this. Yes it can go to the training area without a script. You can set coordinates or click ‘get position’.