Hello.I have 2 problems :)

1- For example, I set the disconnect when conditions are “120 level”. Reconnect in manager is not selected, but it is still retried when disconnected.

Please help me. @Ryan My computer will crash. :frowning:

2- Why doesn’t the disconnect option when I graduate from the academy include the conditions? :slight_smile:
For example, if you “graduate” from the academy, “disconnect”.

Because things like that cannot be checked unless I specifically add states for you being in an academy first then you graduated from the academy. That state will also not exist after a restart of the bot.

When I set any character, it retries even if the connection is lost.
I have to terminate phbot membership if I can’t handle this. I’ll use other free bots :frowning:
If only I could figure this out, there must be a way? @Ryan

@emr41 You can just set from condition when char is 40 lvl can return town then disconnect its easy good luck :slight_smile: