Hello All. Can you help me anyone? Manager Relog Problem

When the character is disconnected, I turn off the retry via the manager. but it is still trying again. Is there someone who can solve this problem urgently ??

I have set the conditions to “disable relog” and “terminate bot”. But the manager still opens the bot again and then tries to enter the game.

I need a professional who can help me. Otherwise I will not be able to buy phbot: /
I’ll go with the free bot :frowning:

Stop Spamming the Forum with multiple Posts about the same problem…

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Manager will always restart the bot if it disconnected. That’s its whole job otherwise it wouldn’t even launch the bot to begin with. You will need to stop the account in the Manager after it launches it.

The Manager doesn’t look at conditions. It’s not possible without serious work.

@emr41 make sure u just have 1 manager running to fix your problem
you have 2 ways of doing this
disable “Start all accounts on startup” in the manager >options >manager uncheck “Start all accounts on startup”
so u can just start the chars or group you want by hand
delite the bot/char from the manager so it will not start just right klick on the char u dont want anymore and klick on " - "

little tipp u can also turn off a char afterwards on the manager u have all cars that are online/started green just right klick on the char u dont want online anymore klick on stop so the char will be red now then simply close the bot

then just use the little tipp i send and do it with all chars start then after all are logged in and then go to manager and klick on stop so the names will be all red and it worend auto relog but why do u want it