Helle Ryan. Help me please

I have two problems i would be very happy if you can help me :slight_smile:

1- I have arranged to transfer items from phbot to the guild repository. but does not do it?

2- Do I copy one character’s phbot settings to another character?


  1. You need a script that walks to guild storage and uses it.
  2. You can. Copy the json file and rename it to your other characters. For the pick filter / stall settings copy and rename the db3 file.

@emr41 that’s from the game its self, u cant let 2 char enter at the same time,

what I do is entering Town Menu increase Guild Storg Enter Retry to ( 999 ) so the chars will keep trying entering until ur first char end ) … GL

kanka halledebildinmi ben de dw ve hotanda hazır script var atabilirim