Have problem I purchase 2 week and don't get message in gmail

Have problem I purchase 2 week and don’t get message in gmail

gmail email [email protected]


Use this link to verify if your time is activated :phBot
This is the example email I received after using the above.

If you are wondering why you did not get any ID&PW for bot, you should have it already from your previous purchases. You can use “reset password” to receive new ID&PW.

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i have already 2 weeks i changed pw and it say u dont hove any time bot too

You probably typed your email wrong, provide your email and transaction ID to ryan

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how provide email i tried pm him but cant send message

how email wrong and it send me id and pw when i make change pw

Because your account existed before you tried to add more time… you typed your email wrong when purchasing more time

maybe… now i cant contact ryan
what should i do

Put the info here

gmail ?

The email for your account and transaction ID from the payment method you used

transaction id u mean visa id ?

No… the transaction ID, it should be on your receipt

no have cuz when i purchase i dont get any message in gmail
i have only message from bank when money taked

Not a message from projecthax, you’ll get a receipt from whatever payment method you used… example PayPal or stripe, etc

yes but i dont get any message when i purchased
but now when i try i got message but in first time i dont recieve any message

He can not provide it since stripe (or others) would sent it to written email which was incorrectly written.

@Eslam1, the expected receipt is like below. I checked my orders in my mobile banking but order history description was “PROJECTHAX LLC”. Maybe you can find it in yours.

It depends… he could have a separate stripe account or PayPal etc… he never said what method he used

i used stripe method

i checked all messages but dont find any message like yours