Guild stroage Alexandria north vsro

Characters don’t exit guild storage and even when they went to training spot it says that guild storage is in use by the player.

They do. It’s a Joymax bug.

but with sbot it was works fine :S

It sends the same packets as the game for exiting it so I don’t know what else I can do. I tested this a long time ago.

When the bot can detect it, so dc and relog the bugget char automatic… can you make this possible? I was using sbot on the same server too and dont have any problems with guildstroage… only with phbot… i wont use Sbot <.<

if you teleport back and open guild storage and exit the problem should be resolved. you can do this in clientless mode as well.

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ya, but i must always check the bots every day <.< i dont have time for it. but THX