Guild storg

[22:55:16] Guild Storage: Selecting NPC

[22:55:19] Guild Storage: Entering NPC

[22:55:43] Guild Storage: Unable to enter, continuing

that happening with 1 char then all chars cant enter the guild storg any solution ?

town : hotan
server xeon

Nope. Reconnect the character that is still in guild storage.

i did and the same char is stucking each time,
i am running 32 account … that account is the only one that stucking each time


hey, i leave it 3 or i have to make it 1 ?


you dont get it Jaya i dont want that char to ignore the guild coz i have like 32 account … i cant enter 1 by 1 to check it and i do use the enter retry as 999 coz some time i have to use scroll at all char at same time when i want them to take daily quests :smiley:


i dont think i have :stuck_out_tongue:
but i guess with the regular way i would know which char is not using the storg so i can restart him :smiley: