Guild Storage & Script problems

my char back town to repair and this happen

[08:49:26] Bot started

[08:49:32] Script: Setting training area -23424, -2

[08:49:32] Cannot return to town because you are in a town – yo dawg

[08:49:43] Reverse Script: Executing script in reverse

[08:49:43] Script: Walking to -23424, -2
so i back to client to fix it manually … and i can’t use any npc even with client
also guild storage keep saying its in use while all chars out of town

Which town ?

You need to fix your return options.


i set it back when inv full or weapon broken
can you tell me how can i fix it ?

It’s going back for one of those so empty your inventory and repair your gear.

i did as you said and still same problem
i set it back when weapon broken only
also when bot die during script its don’t back while i set it back immediately when die outside training area

You also need the return on “Dead” option otherwise those aren’t enabled.


but its party, why i have to back every char when dead
it may cause problems in the party as you know
there is no another solution?
such back if not res. ?or won’t help

well i tried both and don’t work
only thing work is that setting below

which i can’t go afk

@Roshdy3R do u have “skip town script” enable ? if yes disable it
its in trainings area > settings

[08:49:26] Bot started

[08:49:32] Script: Setting training area xxxx,xxxx

this log looks realy hard like skip town script

also guild storage keep saying its in use while all chars out of town
its a old sro bug
the solution > [plugin] vGuildStoreDC - #4 by sulocan

thanks for answer
yes i did enable it, because i have already storage and repair stuff in my script, if i disable it won’t be problem ?

If you skip the town script then you’re never repairing your gear and you’re never buying potions so it’s going to loop forever trying to go back to town and repair/buy potions.

@Roshdy3R in case u need townsripts with GS just replace them with this

thnx alot