Guild storage not working


I have set up at pick filter “Store guild” to some items.
I have checked at Pick Filter → Store gold > Gold keep amount 500k , Take gold from Guild storage and Store gold in guild storage = 0
I have also set for bot to buy Drug of typoon for gold instead of token.(Chars are lvl 66)

None of the options I have set up is working. Chars are not going to Guild Storage or Jewel Shop NPC. Any idea why?

You have to change your town script.

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I am not using any scripts, I am using the bot’s autowalk function. How can i fix it in that case?

Still the same, this is your town script not training area script. Autowalk doesn’t apply to town script.

Pick what town you want and put the new file inside the town folder as the post says.

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Thank you again for your help, you solved my problem again <3


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