Grass walk-Speed use in Town

Is there a setting for set the character use grasswalk speed buff in town. I set this buff into Script tab in Buffs section, but it use the buff when leaving the town.

And is there a setting for Keeping unique in target?

  1. It should be using grass walk automatically when you are in town.
  2. Yes, see the attack tab. This is only used when you are not botting/tracing.

1- It is not using unfortunately. It uses it just walk outside the town.
2- Thanks.

Can you just add a Town section in Buffs? There is script,general unique etc. everthing but not Town. @Ryan

I’m guessing you have “use speed drugs” turned on which disables the use of speed buffs.

You are correct. Even if I don’t have speed drug, when I turned on Use speed drug, it’s not using Grass walk.

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