Gold BOT with PhBot

Hey. Is it aloud make gold bot with phbot? :smiley: and maybe someone can send link with all setings how to do right?
most important question is:
How to make log in to 2 acc in once when other is waiting for those two til Log IN? ( I dont want get some errors_
Ph bot for 2 or 1 PC I can use?

Yes of course. You would need to use a proxy if you are already using both gateway servers.

Hey Ryan. I have some questions for you.

  1. Yesterday I tryied my phbot. and i was very excited. But my bot get dc and he didint conect back to server… How I can adjust that? via Manager??
  2. How I can pick “server” ir manager (for SilkroadR)
  3. I have gold bots, how I can make them start login like a groups 2->2->2… to avoid some crack?
  4. is it posible get some direction link or tutorial step by step?

Thx for answers step by step :slight_smile:

  1. Enable relog on disconnect in the bot or click “start” in the Manager.
  2. Everything is on iSRO now so choose that.
  3. There should be an option to login groups one by one so put two accounts in each group instead.
  4. There isn’t a guide for the Manager. Add your accounts and click “start”. That should suffice.

phBot guide:

hey Ryan. Thx for Answers you are great. But I still have more :slight_smile:
Look I have my gold bots on JC planet. And in manager I writw user name. Question is “where I can write my “””? :slight_smile: I dont get it. With joymax no problems, but it is with JC :slight_smile: I made mark on JC … but still dont get it :smiley:

There’s no separate field. Just type your full email.

Hey Ryan. I have some questions more. How i can share my phbot with my friend? Should i register him somehow? Becouse he have diferent ip. What is that HWID? :wink: thx for all

IP doesn’t matter. Just send him your bot username/password so he can login (not forum). HWID is “hardware ID”.

Hey again Ryan. What I did wrong hat I can’t make “show Client” . I want fix some things, but I cant see my acc. Where is fail?

if its orignal sro you need to click JcPlanet icon otherwise you probly gonna get ip ban.if its your problem

First if you are using proxy i dont know about it but if you dont.You need to use Test version for queue.For manager part i assuma you dont have proxy.Go for startup 2 acc at once section. And close start all acc on startup.And for me terminate bots on exit its bad because i never used but if you accidently close the manger its closes all bots so recharge bar can go bad.if its using return scroll and terminate then its cool i guess.

I asked about how I can see my char? i didint ask other things? how should I adjust settings?

You’re clientless in this moment. If you want your client, then just click on “Go Client” , use the teleport or return scroll option when you get asked and wait until the client opens and you will be happy :slight_smile:

just clik on the name groupe silkroad r and on the right u will see statu of you’r char then u can use option from right click on