Getting DC So Frequently (iSRO)

Recently I’m getting DC so frequently. I want to believe that something is wrong with iSRO servers. I know Joymax/JCPlanet disconnects players who don’t have VIP Silver or higher VIP level or Premium Plus.

I’m not sure about old servers but I’m playing on new servers (fatigue system).

Because of this problem, I checked all my router settings and firewalls. Nothing is wrong with my connection.

Also I want to mention that, on new servers when you get DC when blue bar (%100 EXP) charged your bar refills itself. But this was only working when you get DC in town. Today I got DC outside of town, still my bar was charged to full (%100)

So, when you get DC in town or outside your fatigue bar refills itself. Also if your bar yellow (%50 EXP) you can’t refresh your bar until Joymax resets everyday.

Joymax/JCPlanet was disconnecting players when server is full and VIP players logging in but my server is not full exactly. Even with this status I’m still getting DC.

So f*cked up game.

Its maybe about your computer settings? Check the sleep settings

I figured out actually. When I login without bot I always get DC. When botting with clientless, I never get DC. Nice game. :smiley:

Clientless working fine sounds like a CPU limitation causing lag and the client not being able to process packets in a timely fashion.

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Yes, exactly. Game is telling us to use bot. :v

Thousands of people still playing this game and Joymax/JCPlanet is making money by your bot. Without your bot, iSRO would be dead. Nobody would play this game.

Ryan can process packets better than Joymax! I love you Ryan!