Genie quest after update

there is a problem in genie quest after update he usually go to take it from outpost guard in dw and he dont have any quests hope it can be fixed soon and thanks

Which quest exactly? I’d probably need an account in order to test it.

i have char 103 his 101 quest not done and other pt doing 71 genie quest the same
i think its like a bug in all genie quest he go to take it from the wrong person

Which NPC is it supposed to go to?

as its clear in screenshot he went to guard outpost like the tent in downhang but this person dont have any quests so he just going to him and back without doing quest or botting

That doesn’t answer my question. Which NPC is it supposed to be going to so I can fix it in the database?

See the latest version.

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Daily manager quest in town is the right Npc

I already has the last version update

Probably not since I just put it out.

It should be daily quest manager in town not this npc hope it be fixed soon because bot don’t do daily genie quest now

Have you updated? Also make sure you clicked “update” on the quest tab.

okay i will try it thanks alot for your effort

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After press update it worked for me again. Thx

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