General Question related to VIP

Hello everybody,
I quit sro a few years ago. At that time VIP just started.
Whats about today, I see many ppl with VIP, but do I still need VIP 1 (Bronze) to Bot?


No. You need VIP on certain servers in order to get 100% EXP all of the time otherwise it “fatigues” to 50% and 0% after a few hours. I don’t have a list of the servers that implemented the fatigue system.

Just to clarify. Can Non-VIP users use the ISRO bot with all of it’s features (multi-client, clientless) and not receive a ban? From what I remember when I last played, you could only log in 1 character at a time, otherwise you would receive an IP ban. Is this still the case?

as i know ( playing palmyra with fatique system) non vip’s can bot without any ban, there ppl here running over 200+ chars non vip ofcourse so ur free to come and use bot :slight_smile:

You won’t get banned but you need to login one at a time to not be temp IP banned. You can login two at a time if they both connect on different gateway servers.