General chat privacy

phbot update note:

    • Changed private chat delay to only apply to official servers *

will that rise’s suspicious on our chat privacy on these servers…

i mean i know they collect data of our accounts for:
…for ADs purposes

but some data’s are prohibited by non official .GOV’s…

same what happened to Google
when they got sued for 5billion
for collecting data on there incognito mode…

just saying…

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That change applies to plugins so people cannot abuse it and spam players. When you send a chat message it is going through their servers and they can do anything they want with it. Even if it’s “private” that just means it is only visible to the person you sent it to in game but it’s still going through the game server.

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ofc it goes through a “server”
same in google case…
also in TIKTOK case…

once the public realized there private/privacy were seen by individuals or non gov-officials(still … look at china & USA over TIKTOK)
fatass lawsuits & .GOV were involved in it

main reason to my knowledge was the censern for minor privacy
& other privacy reasons involving adults or privacy in general…

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this might be a topic on the wrong forum
feel free to delete the whole topic…

just wanted to point out something
nothing more