im logging in 10 Chars, all with VIP Silver.
Very often i have the Problem, that they dont login.
Bot says Connection to Agent Server, Gateway, etc…
I log in always only 2 Chars.

Now, it has been 2 days that i cant login because the Problem…

What t do??
Everything should be setted up correct.
Reboot Router also dont work…

thanks for ur repost.
But its a bit different
The client is opening, also tiping in login infos, but it dont continue. Then DC, then retry. The right side of the Bot always show the Servers, then not, then yes, then not. etc…?? @Ryan


My chars are now in.
I don’t changed anything. After work all chars were logged in… I rly don’t get it what’s the problem? This happened now 4 times…

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