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hello guys

i play on Fury-Sro private server , phbot cannot recognize the server by user name and PW , and i have always manually to put them as it seems here :

i have also another problem whenever it gets disconnected it never goes back , Re-login option ain’t working unless ONLY i clicked on the " Go client " option when its clientless , it gives me an error of login Error (12) , something like that

i really need your help guys

Go to the edit private server dialog and click “scan”.

i have no " scan option in the edit private server dialog


Use the testing release for private servers.

ok i will install the testing one ,

what are the best options to choose here while am installing ?

Testing with every check box enabled.

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HYG Rayan what i have , any other options should be there other than this ?!

That should be it.

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still having a trouble :frowning:

You have to login with the client.

it works fine thank you so much rayan , you’ve been a great help , i just want to ask you in that case if the client just got a DC it will automatically reconnect the game no problem now , is that right ?

yes it will. but keep always in phbot start Client checkbox enabled.
if not it will get same error cuz hwid packet not sent from the client. phbot cannot recognized every server hwid packets. every packet filter has it owns idea and opcodes.

so the solution is always relogin in a client mode, and if u wanna clientless after login to the game world just use Phbot Manager.

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