hey there,

i don´t really have much skills about programming but i have some ideas to make gaming easier for me.
i admit the xcontrol plugin and want to create some new functions. for example: i write DC in the chat and the character logs out and i write buff in the chat and the character will buff all buffs in attacks (buffs) and i would like to sell the goods of the trader if i write sell in the chat.

i also have the problem that if i stop and start the bot meanwhile trading the character dismount and i want to prevent this.


the dc is posible with xcontrol the buff/attk thing will not happen even if you inject op code directly the bot will block it only the bot itself can cast skills
dismouting usaly only happens if you are in town
but the sell/buy is good idee but you have to post it in the xcontrol chat maybe @JellyBitz will add it
im also waiting for like set hometown with a command SETHOME

I think That All functions are possible but the creator has to make it available

It would be nice if there is a function that activates all buffs in the buff list

I have the Problem that if i am out of the city stop and start the bot the character dismount the transportpet.
Do you have an idea why this happens?

I hope @JellyBitz also read this here because we are here in the coding section
I dont think that JellyBitz has the possibility because there is no api function like in Point one.

I dont want to wait for jellyBitz because i want to create it on My own but i need the api functions for that.

Copy it, read it, understand it, edit it the way you want, use it on your own. Create a pull request if you wanna share your parts. You dont have to wait for him.

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This is Not possible because there left api functions

If there is no api function for your need, then even JellyBitz can not help you.

I didnt say, that jelly can help me, it was a request to the creator.