Full Script of donwhang with Snow Flake , Daily Quest, Geinie and Guild Storage

Hello everyone, im new to phbot. Therefore, it is too comlicated for me to edit my own script which includes everything i need except for Snow Flake event. It would be awesome If someone share the full of what i described above or tell me how to edit mine.

You can just enable the new option to turn in event quests while in town.

From which section I will enable it ? And does the bot get stuck if it gets full by event rewards ?

It’s on the quest tab. After it gets the rewards it then does the town script which will store and sell items. You should set your pick filter to sell the junk rewards that you do not want.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your helps.

Will this function loop until the event item all exchange? FOR example, I collect 2 pages of snow flakes.

No. All it does is see if you have event quest items then walk to So-Ok and turn it in once. If it requires that you go through the menu system for each stack or for every 10 you will need to use a script and have the command in there 10+ times.

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile: Yes indeed i already make my script for this and conditions. Thanks Ryan

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