Full reconnect bot ( no login )

I tried the bot manager to open all my accounts (2 account) is open to enter the game and wait to arrange my income inside the game and then closes the bot itself without introductions and reopen it again to re-enter the game again and so do not enter any of these accounts two days ago and tried to open them from Without bot manager by bot only and opening is very normal and there is no problems with any connection (a problem with bot manager) and I need help with it …

Thank you

I have no way to reproduce this. Have you made sure you entered the character name correctly so it is selected? If it is not correct it will eventually be restarted.

Really did not arrive to enter the character name so far only try to login and before access (100/200 for example random number), separates and reopens
I’m doing to pictures for more clarification…


It’s being restarted because it’s taking forever to login. Go into the Manager options and change the “not in game” option to something really high.

this is my options

See “Not in game” it will restart the bot after 10 minutes if you’re not in game after 10 minutes. Increase it to 600.

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i will test this Thank you <3

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