Full Changelog

Are there any link for the full change log for both stable and testing release ? new forum only have the new updates. and guide is not up to date.

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There is not. I’ve been adding too many things to keep the guide up to date.

i did not understand what are you trying to say. but again, guide is not up to date. and if full changelog was available, i dont need to wait for you to update guide.

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Why do you need the change log for the guide?

because you had add a new thing, but its not in guide. and most probably you mention it in the commit/changelog when updating the version.

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There are 55 pages on the old forum in the release thread. There’s no easy way for me to bring them over.

so why we cant access the old forum ? you told that before old forum will be available also

It was available. Not forever since it’s extremely outdated software by now.

it not need to stay updated. it should just stay as an archive.

Can’t do that. PHP 5 is dead and vBulletin 3 is not receiving updates.


Keep a changelog is a must.

Tutorial can be updated after stable functions are implemented.

@Ryan I notice that you make many random adjustments in functions and the changelog will help track issues caused by implementing new functions.

Where can i find Changelog for testing versions?

I share same needs as @ahmetberkay.

I hope get advance.

It’s at the top of the page.


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