FTP debug messages

Hi, I’m trying to get the FTP upload to work. However the manager does not seem able to upload any data. Unfortunately it doesn’t return any error messages. Is there a way to see what’s going on?
The FTP server can be accessed by FileZilla or any other conventinal FTP client.
Regards, the cow

It should be logging errors. Enable file logging in the options menu and click “Log”.

That was it. Thank you! I’m receiving the following message:
cURL Error: Upload failed (at start/before it took off)
Any suggestions what to check first?

I’d make sure the path is set correctly in the Manager.

I’ve been checking server, port, username, password, path. Changed it serversides, copy/pasted it into FileZilla (works), copy/pasted it into Manager (doesn’t work). I added a Windows Firewall rule to allow all traffic and its still not working. I’m a bit out of ideas right now :frowning:
Edit: also tried a password without any special characters/symbols and still the same error message.

I’m pretty sure it’s something with the config or the FTP server. FTP is extremely annoying to get working.

Alright, thanks for your help so far! So I’ll probably have to write a little PHP script to receive the JSON POST data

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