From clientless to client fail

when switching from clientless to client
it sometimes fail/crash/stuck…
do to silkroad bad coding on memory config in some launch’s (or something)
closing it … and the “go client” button is “blank” … thats it …
when trying to “use scroll” i get phbot crash & close (w/o manager)
and the “go client” button is “blank”
any way to go around this?
in other bots … bot automatically detect’s fail opening & go back to “clientless” mod … so we can try again…
any way to do this manually ?
im not using “manager” for some reasons
& no idea if it does re-open a client"fail to open" situation…

this can help you about the gfxfilemanager

u can just kill the client on your process and the button back go client again

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True this is happening and it’s recently becomes less
All you have to do is report JOYMAX
And upgrade your pc
I hope RYAN make it better <3

the way i got around clientless to client was first hit return scroll then stop bot then wait till you see cords change then hit return to client, but i watch my char no plugins