Frequently DC since last bot update

Hi there.

i do have a very annoying DC problem. Since last bot update my main char keeps crashing inbetween 5-10min after login. My 2nd char is doing fine! Iam using the testing version.

Both have premium plus und both are VIP - my main char even is VIP gold rank!
I tried nearly everything i found in this community but it still keeps crashing.

Some advice would be appreciated

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Yesterday I had gotten disconnected from the game 3 times in about 1 hour. I do believe that it was something to do with Joymax and not the bot.

I dont think so because my 2nd char is botting 24/7 without any problems.
As i said with earlier version of the bot anything was fine.

It’s because you have not set your weapons. This version fixes it.

Thanks a lot Ryan! : )

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