Forgot manager pw

how can i remove/change it or something?

Backup folder.

delete it?

No. If you forgot your password or the file is corrupt you’re screwed. Restore it from backups.

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I love how @Ryan says, “If you lost your pw file and also backups, you’re pretty much screwed.”

You are. It’s encrypted; therefore you will never be able to retrieve the data unless you have backups.


That’s why it automatically takes backups in case of any change or modification on settings. People should not delete backups.

how do we see the pass i dont get it i have same problem :confused: also it wasnt even wrong password i always use my same stuff idk what happened

It’s corrupted probably from an unexpected restart. Restore it from the Backup folder.

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I apologize but dont know how to do i tried type my psssword there xd im just new at this but dk anything, do u mean restore my pc ?

There should be a Backup folder where the Manager is located. You can copy the file out of there and rename it to Manager.enc.

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Oh okay thank you so much ill try it =)