Fix ress delay

Would be nice to when a party member dies, the cleric resses fast.
I have all skills of ressing set and my cleric keeps buffing in loop and resses late
Like, giving priority to ress and later to cast more cleric healing buff

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There is no delay. It will already do resurrect before buffs.

I have this same exact problem. When a character dies, it switches to the the ressing task fine. But once it ressurected the dead party member, it will switch to buffing or party buffing and continue buffing until its done. If other party members die in the meantime, ressing will halt until the entire buffing loop is completed.

The bot should properly adapt to these kinds of situations, these tasks should not be done in loops but they should be done dynamically. My suggestion is to either introduce a priority management system or get rid of loops within the different tasks. How I would do it is like so:

// pseudo bot loop
while (bot_running) {
    // walk to spot, or other tasks before arriving at training place
    // ...

    val dead_member = get_next_dead_member(party_members)
    if (dead_member) {
        ressurect(dead_member, res_skills)

    val low_hp_member = get_next_lowhp(party_members)
    if (low_hp_member) {
        cast_heal(low_hp_member, heal_skills)

    val inactive_buff = get_next_inactive_buff(buffs)
    if (inactive_buff) {

    val buffable_member = get_next_inactive_buff(party_buffs, party_members)
    if (buffable_member) {
        cast_buff(buffable_member, party_buff)

    // do other stuff.. (attack/pickup/etc)

Of course I don’t know whether this is possible with your current codebase or the language you use, but this would get rid of looped tasks entirely and no longer cause the bot to get stuck in a buffing/partybuffing/ressing task.

@Ryan there is a delay. you can try it yourself. the cleric goes where the dead party member dies and starts buffing nonstop. It takes 1-2 minutes even tho in the bot says attemping to resurrect player…
it would be ncie if you can check it and priorize wake up in light and holy group reverse.

This is what he means: 0O0rGydSq2.mp4

I have same problem @Ryan

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