Fire Temple bot disconnect

Hello everyone, This past Friday I was in a full share party inside the fire temple. I then had noticed my character had stopped moving. I then checked the status of the bot. It had said disconnected. This had occurred 3 different times. The training area I was in had no obstacles. This is the only area of the game where my character freezes and the bot status says disconnected. I am kind of thinking that this isn’t really a bot issue and that it could be Joymax. I was getting really good exp/sp. So maybe Joymax wants people to lvl up slower and that makes you buy more silk.

yesterday i had DC in certain area
was bot problem
in a mix of buff team and detecting objects
or polygon zone
might be a bot problem
switch between polygon & radius
just to make sure

or better
login without bot & go to the spot & see if your still getting DC or not…

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I have same issue with a char I bring into fire temple with reverses. Once is lacking of pots it DCs, until I give him pots with another char

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thx for the info :smiley:

That might help thanks

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The party I was in I had noticed that some of the buffer characters just stopped giving out buffs. Then I end up freezing sometime after.

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Every time that I run low on pots. It says bot disconnected. I think that Joymax does not want someone to be able to level up fast. Like a lot of people set bot and go to sleep for the night. Good exp/sp in a share party

u might wanna delete ur .json for that character & re-do its settings
& try to make it as minimum as possible
dont put too much commands or bot will get confused & conflict/mess with commands & DC or stand without moving

sometimes just closing the bot & re-open it … will fix this conflict
but most likely deleting json will solve it…

my chars return & re-stack on pots when finished without any problemoz

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