Fgw call confirmation



you can add automatic approvals as below here


I need to mark it in every bot boot, and I need to give confirmation from the pop-up window, if you add auto-approval, you won’t need to.


The forgotten world summons option is not meant to be automated besides allowing you to accept it.

Is it possible to automate?

Why is this useful? You can’t click the button to accept it?

If the bot does not register this selection, the bot needs to mark it at every boot, and I’m entering with 8 char, 7 it’s really trying to give confirmation, if it’s auto just got to do the call.

this would be really helpful. if we get smth like an auto accept summons i could leave my chars clientless.

so u can auto entering fgw when it finished ??
plzneed answer if u know thanks

I play with 3 computers, I will not have to connect to individual computers
It doesn’t matter to me, I wrote why it would work

please find solution for command FGW TELEPORT @Ryan we love you <3<3<3