Fgw bug

Hi ;
I always get dc while phbot running in FGW
In generally Sereness will make freezing

Have you tried the latest version?

Same problem
any solution ?

try to change ur setting video on game resolution too windows screen
and choose a good resolution like 1280 x960 or lower too depend of ur screen
that help many player on the past ^^

@jaya It’s always there including clientless,

@Ryan this problem is not only attacking characters, but the therapy characters even if they are not stone, we can solve this problem only by buf and attack, if you know the way, please help.

@raist41 hacım bu sorun bence buf basmaya ve atack yapmaya zorluyor charlar ondan kaynaklı. çözebilirsen beni de bilgilendir.

mitra da oynayadan warlock charı olan var mı @cebralig @raist41

if i can find a warlock char i will try what ryans’ want and it will give some feedback to solving this problem :frowning:

im just guessing did u copy setting from other bot char?