FGW, Bot Doesn't Pick in that case!

hey master,
my problem happens whenever i use bot in boss monster which is sereness, ok, i tell u now. as u know she spawns 4 uniques in some periods. my bot is attacking sereness only. (this is ok) i use skills which attacks other uniques at same time. so my problem is when spawned unique die (btw it drops something) and in that same time serenes uses on me petrify(stuck). so bot couldn’t find time to collect drops. bot waiting until this stuck passed away but bot forgetting to pick up items that drops before petrify(stuck). how can i make my bot collect that drops. (i don’t have any problem with picking in normal times, this happens only in that case)

@delirusbot go to “Pick Filter” > options and make sure “Pick items first” is enabled

Its already enabled. I need different solution

do u use pet do u actuallt have it set to pick or pick with pet ?

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