Few testing results

I use both stable and test version for my testings & below are a few things what I noticed:

Stable version:

  1. If use speed drugs is checked, the bot stops at training place trying to use speed drugs. This happens when other speed buffs are active (ex: God Bless) Works fine during walk script but on every step it pops a message as Still have time to reuse the item.

  2. API get_client is empty always but works fine on test version.

Test v23.0.7:

  1. Speed drug problem as explained above

  2. Skill/Mastery upgrade fails for some of the skills and it keeps trying to upgrade them, when we manually upgrade it the bot continues to update them.
    ex: Rocy/Fire rocky under pacheon, Concentration 5th under light, Last imbue on Fire.
    (The skill upgrade is fast enough but the Mastery update is with 30 sec delay for each.)

  3. There is a 30 second delay after finishing the script to start using the skills.

Thanks for a wonderful bot :slight_smile: Enjoying it so far.

There is one more thing, equip better items option considers only based on Star, moon & sun but doesn’t consider degree. If I have equipped 13D star but get a new drop of 10D SUN, it equips the D10.

I do not update stable anymore.

  1. It should not be doing that since it checks to see if speed is already active.
  2. iSRO?
  3. Could be your config. Not sure because it’s instant for any character I’ve used.

Its for Legion, let me double check my config on point 3. Do not notice that delay in stable version anyways.

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