Few questions the stallbot

hello admin
I want to change from s to phbot and have a few questions in advance to the stallbot
Is it possible to automatically remove all items of the type of armor of 12 deg from guild storage?
is it possible to set a single selling price for all items of the type 12 armor armor?
Can stallbot replace new items in case of a sale?

Thank you for your help and excuse my not perfect english

if is it impossible use trial version. And as i understand you wanna set different prices item by item its possible via phbot, everything possible in phbot. … Whats your main language? Türksen türkçe anlat derdini yardımcı olayım.

You can set it to take items from storage/guild storage. To set prices you would have to do it for each individual item.

in advance thanks for your quick feedback on the basis of your answers, I tested the bot
Taking items from the guild storage works impressively well better than other bot
Unfortunately, setting the prices in the stallbot has big flaws
the setting of each price individually is unfortunately not practical for me due to the large number of items
Finding multiple items of the same degree is too long and does not allow you to quickly respond to price changes in the game

i also realy miss a filter in stall option same like in pickfilter would be nice, thanks

I’m adding it.

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