Few annoying bugs

Love the bot so far but some stuff that is grinding my gears is the following:

  • Bot dont remember username/password or charname
  • First launch of bot is always clientless for some weird reason
  • Sometimes when you get disconnected from the server, the bot doesnt understand that you are disconnected and doesnt reconnect
  1. You can use the Manager to store your login info (https://forum.projecthax.com/t/manager-release/45)
  2. If you click Launch at the bottom right it will start the client. If it doesn’t start up the first time I’d need more info like which server you’re playing on.
  3. Hard to say what could cause this. How are you being disconnected? Is your internet dropping out or just a random disconnect from the server?


Try this settings . First one “manager” 2nd one “testing”

  1. To replicate this bug:
  • I fill my username & password, I press “login” button and the client is always starting as client less.
    I am playing a private server called Core Station.
  1. It could be due to a .dll bug by maxiguard, it just shows the disconnect window and the client is stuck there

That is normal. If you want it to start the client enable the “Client” option or click “Launch Client” at the bottom right.

Thank you for fast support, appreciate it

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