[FEEDBACK] condition fail to trigger

i didnt touch the settings

maybe while it was trying to unstuck itself
it stop paying attention to the condition section?

this should be priority
or have priority condition to be added

ya it was ignored cuz the char was trying to unstuck itself

this char did trigger/read condition since its not stuck

i could’ve lost 14h or XP gain/fatigue time
lucky me was near PC

What is the point of making another thread?

different problem
although it effected each other…

1 for condition fail to prioritize
the other for bot cant unstuck itself

feedback in order…

although regarding the first one “fail to unstuck”

u have navigate around object thing…

its not working when picking item behind tree
or attacking monster behind tree/stone/wallCorner
in favor of “protecting pt member”

I’m aware.

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i just removed the “protect” option & it stopped getting stuck when attacking mobs…(or when trying to protect)…

This should fix protect party members.

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i’ll update it after an hour or 2x
got a char without premium/vip & i need to finish stuff with it first

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look at ur “fix” xD

I think you have something else going on. All it does is not choose monsters behind obstacles even if they are attacking a protected player.

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i guess ya…
something else is bugging it…

& i think it keeps trying to pick other players gold
even though i disabled picking other players items
Only pick self & party items

(this is a problem but another problem)

& reason it sticks there
is cuz it leaves the training range too far
the center location becomes out of sight
& therefore it doesn’t walk back to the center…

same as in lure
if i put lure range over 45…
or out of sight from the center where players vanish
it fail to return to center after triggering lure…

like pathFinding cant get back to center…
from lure or picking…

although it walks back center fine
when attacking around
& being stuck
or after buffing

also i realize
maybe just in mirror
condition “IF: player not in-range THEN: return”
bot range is 45
but both char’s at the edge of that range at the opposite of each other
the moment the char with the condition enter’s the training area
& cant see the MASTER … it trigger’s the returnScroll
before even reaching centerXY… !

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