Fate Alchemy question

Hello everyone, I do know that the maximum amount of blue lines is 11. I was wondering if there is a limitation on certain items. Such as Magic, Rare and Legend. So far I have not be able to get past 8 blue lines on a Rare weapon. Also I haven’t been able to get past 8 lines on a Magic weapon. Fate and Fortune alchemy is fairly new to me. I am trying to get to 9 lines and I would be more than happy. If it lands on 10 then great. So anyone who knows a good amount about Fate and Fortune please let me know.

You can get 11 on anything its just hard. Get out your wallet.

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I had noticed that all I have ever seen with 9-10-11 blues lines was Legend. I have tried getting past 8 lines and I have spent a lot on silk. Was making sure that there wasn’t a limitation of lesser than Legend. Thank you

Not that im aware of

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